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Tom Keogh

Tom has been an NASM Certified Personal Trainer since August 2016. He earned a degree in Kinesiology with a Fitness Studies Option at the Pennsylvania State University in 2016. He took his passion for physical fitness and nutrition to the next level by joining the power lifting team during his junior year. Tom qualified to compete in two consecutive USAPL Collegiate National Championships. During his senior season, his Iron Lions Raw Men’s Squad finished 4th in the nation.

On the individual level, Tom has placed in the top three in both the 205 lb and 183 lb weight classes. Competing in the lower weight class presented a specific challenge in that Tom had to lose weight while maintaining his strength, illustrating his knowledge of nutrition as a crucial piece of any successful training program. His main philosophy centers on the role nutrition plays toward the success of any fitness-related goal. Tom looks forward to working with clients at BodyFit to help them achieve optimal physical and mental health. He is a graduate of Putnam Valley High School and currently resides in Putnam Valley, NY. “No Days Off”.

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