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Add a dose of high energy and motivation to your workouts with BodyFit's Small Group Training. Where you and up to 2 of your friends and family can workout together to get world class results.

BodyFit's Small Group Training classes are designed to meet the needs of our large and varied community by providing challenging yet fun workouts that will improve your healthy, help you lose weight and helping you to achieve your individual fitness goals.

Our Small Group Training classes use various resistance-training techniques to improve muscular strength and endurance. They develop muscle definition and elevate the body's metabolism by increasing lean muscle mass.

When you take the Small Group Training classes at BodyFit, you'll reap dozens of rewards and enjoy countless benefits from our life-changing workout! Here's just a glimpse of the benefits that await you when you enroll in Group Fitness classes:

  • Feel better than ever thanks to dramatic improvements in your health
  • Excess fat will disappear
  • Be more fit, firm and flexible after just a few classes
  • Drop jaws with a toned body
  • The fog will lift as you gain acute mental clarity
  • Daily stress levels will plummet

    Time and time again our methods have proven to produce outstanding improvement in your strength, fat loss, cardiovascular healthy and flexibility. This program is designed to improve you life inside and outside of the gym while providing long term results. 


    Our Small Group Training classes will give you nothing you can't handle. They're full or energy, intense and a great way to improve your overall health and fitness!

    Find out more right now! Fill out the short no-obligation form on the side of this page to request more information about BodyFit's incredible Group Fitness classes!

    personal groups Program Age Groups

    • From Age 13 To 99 (Adults)
    • From Age 6 To 12 (Youth Sport Specific)



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